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The God's Treasure
I was listening to you, precious stone.
Principally when I come back from a battle.
Yesterday I heard from my desires
I am grateful to be here
And glad to see children’s smiles.

I understand the time is very fast
In a way it is difficult to catch it,
Because it lives like a bird
In an ongoing way to mark centuries.
For this reason I am telling you, precious stone.

In the field of battle, I have seen many men,
Most of them go with swords and shields
Without feeling honor or dignity.
Actually, they simply think of themselves
In a disguise that they do what it is good to anyone.

As Dario was betrayed by his soldiers
When he lose the battle against Alexander.
What I have seen was the bright of treasure
In the eyes of many former friends I had,
In such a way they preferred
To forget friends they were.

So I can tell you, precious stone,
Here is a place for you to identify precious friends.
They are like stars which shine without hurting anyone.
They are like flowers and roses you have to water.
And mainly you must act like a friend.

And this word is close to Brother or Sister,
But even most strong,
Because brothers or sisters God gives to us
And He doesn’t accept devolution.
And friends you have to find out like a treasure hidden by God.
Enviado por Udo em 30/09/2009
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