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Um dia, de repente, comecei a recitar versos conforme caminhava e aquilo acalmou minha alma.
Livro de VisitasLivro de Visitas

There's no way to think of you without expecting,
Or rather, I wanna say, to hope from you,
The secrets of life, which are petrified inside your soul.

Don't stop singing in your sacred way
As you were almost touching my face.
The sky holds balloons like a mother, your baby.
So many times they are very far
Like babies that think they are independent.

Within books you find out many letters in pages,
As they were prisoners living because of the people,
So that each day they read those pages
And for this reason, souls keep alive.

The secrets of life are taught
To anyone who wants to absorb
The very way to live the life...
Sometimes dragons appeared in the sky
With pages of poetries, trying to catch free souls.
Angels did fight against Dragons dividing souls into tears.
They did fall like fallen angels by transforming in verses.
And here we could feel each one
So that we wrote confusing ideas
In a way just some men can read and understand.
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Alterado em 29/09/2009
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